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No Faults accepted.


My personal belief is that since every body is different, every massage should be different, as well.  No two people have the same issues, aches and pains so each massage I do focuses on what the client needs and wants addressed during that time.  Sometimes a lighter touch is necessary; other times deeper pressure must be used to achieve the session's goal(s). 

However, no matter what the circumstances, every client will ALWAYS receive the same commitment to wellness and health improvement and ALWAYS receive a quality, professional massage, whether it's a 30 minute relaxation session or a 120 minute deep tissue therapy.  I strive for each and every client to leave happy, relaxed and feeling better than when they walked in. 




Every square inch of skin contains roughly 50 nerve endings and as many as 5,000,000 touch receptors relaying messages to the brain. Even a simple touch has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate. It also signals the brain to produce endorphins, your body's natural pain suppressors.






Give the gift of massage today!       

Gift certificates available.

Lower blood pressure.

Fewer aches and pains.

Decreased stress and anxiety.

Improved sleep quality.

Better digestion.


See what other benefits massage therapy can give you!



Proudly participating in "Thank A Vet" program.

20% Military Discount

off all services.


Massage Menu:

**All times given are the ENTIRE massage time, not including any pre/post-session discussion or changing.


Swedish Massage ... 30 min  $40

                                         60 min  $70

                                         90 min  $110

Deep Tissue .............. 60 min  $80

                                           90 min  $120

Hot Stone .................. 60 min  $80

                                            90 min  $120

Prenatal .................... 30 min  $40

                                              60 min  $70

Couples .................... 60 min  $140

                                           90 min  $180

Chair Massage ... $1 per minute

5 min minimum, 15 min maximum


Office hours by appointment only


Chair Massage available for hire for corporate events, parties, benefits, etc.


No Faults accepted



Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting my website. You've taken your first step toward relaxation and wellness. Massage therapy has so many wonderful benefits, from improved sleep to headache relief, and increased range of motion to decrease of muscle aches and pains. No matter what your age or lifestyle, everyone can benefit from massage therapy.


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Thanks for stopping by! Have a look around my website- I hope you enjoy. If you want to get in touch with me, call 716-523-6605 or visit me on Facebook at Lynelle Broeker LMT.

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